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The Durability of Bamboo


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Enjoy beauty and durability with bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for many homeowners, especially those who prefer an eco-friendly building material. Created from a grass that performs more like hardwood, you’ll enjoy beauty, durability, and a perfect addition to almost every décor style in this flooring line.

Choose bamboo for any space where you have considered installing solid wood. You’ll enjoy a variety of color options and formats that make a beautiful setting. You can even choose unique and personalized installation options that our experienced flooring professionals will be happy to tell you more about.

What can you do with bamboo flooring?

Bamboo is a wonderfully natural renewable resource that doesn’t need the typical 20-year maturation period required of most hardwoods. Bamboo can be harvested responsibly every five to six years, without environmental implications.

You’ll enjoy the fact that bamboo is easy to maintain. If you sweep regularly and damp mop with warm water or an approved cleaner, your floors will look like new for years. It’s also durable, offering a bit more water resistance than regular hardwood floors. However, you do want to guard against high levels of humidity.
These floors fare very well with trend changes, as they offer amazing elegance everywhere they are installed. It’s nearly the same appearance and feel you’ll find in other hardwood floors, but offers something just a little different at the same time. It’s an excellent option for contemporary styles but works well in a variety of décor settings.

The products from this product line are installed differently depending on the type you purchase. Planks have a different installation, frequently, than the engineered variety, however many feature the click-lock system, creating a wonderfully installed floor covering in the end. For more information on these great products, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

We offer excellent bamboo options for your Winterport home

As a bamboo retailer in Winterport, ME, where our showroom is located, Dickel Flooring gives you plenty of options. Stop by and browse our extensive material lines and let us match you with services that will bring those materials to life. It’s all a part of our satisfaction promise.

We serve the areas of Winterport, Bangor, Brewer, Bar Harbor, and Camden, ME. If you’re in those areas, we hope you'll take the opportunity to visit us for yourself and take advantage of all that we have to offer. We’ll be waiting for your arrival.