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Local sustainability


Growing green...with envy

At Dickel Flooring, we take great pride in Maine, and what the Pine Tree State has to offer. You too can be part of the Green movement. We are committed to sourcing from local wood harvests, using local sustainable resources while working with local loggers, installation specialists and residents like you!

Working with Maine communities

Located in Waldo County, in the heart of Winterport, Maine. Dickel Flooring believes in the beautiful Maine resources available to its residents, through wood harvesting, local timberlands, and woodlots.

Working with Maine companies

One of our product providers includes Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring, located in Solon Maine.

Brands we feature

Maine Traditions in Winterport, ME from Dickel Flooring
Cali Bamboo in Bangor, ME from Dickel Flooring
bamboohardwoods in Brewer, ME from Dickel Flooring
Wicanders in Bar Harbor, ME from Dickel Flooring
DriTac in Camden, ME from Dickel Flooring
Basic Coatings in Winterport, ME from Dickel Flooring
Harris Wood in Bangor, ME from Dickel Flooring