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We now carry Primatech

Primatech is a specialized Canadian manufacturer of quality Fasteners for Hardwood flooring. They offer tools and fasteners in all industry sizes, manual and pneumatic.

Primatech's extensive and innovative Research & Development program enables them to offer DIY and Professional wood floor installers smarter tools and fasteners that improve their overall quality of installation, speed of execution, and satisfaction with their results.

Primatech flooring tools and fasteners will enable any installer, Professional or DIY, to consistently produce quality jobs, with precision and regularity.

Dickel Flooring is happy to announce the addition of Primatech nailers and fasteners to our inventory!

Primatech in Winterport, ME from Dickel Flooring
Available for sale now, Primatech’s well-designed tools are appreciated by the professional hardwood floor installer and the Do It Yourselfer. It’s all about comfort and productivity.

Here’s why we’re excited:

  • The PRIMPACT™ engine is a standard feature in most Primatech pneumatic nailers and this module allows 1.2M strikes - it’ll improve your performance
  • The two-way sideshift PRIMSURFER roller assembly allows you to install more square footage per day - it’ll help you be more productive
  • Primatech offers the LoadXtend magazine which holds more fasteners than any other tool in the same channel length - it lets you load when you want, as needed
  • The Primatech Stapler Elbow magazine holds up to six sleeves of staples and makes for longer runs without the need to stop
  • Primatech offers a Dual-Action and fully Adjustable base - it rests on the front of the tongue, prevents the top edge denting and minimizes the dimple effect on hard species and high-gloss flooring
  • Primatech flooring tools work on all hardwood and engineered floors