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Maine Traditions Hardwood Flooring in Winterport, ME from Dickel Flooring

Crafted from lumber sourced from northern Maine trees

A third-generation service based in Jackman, Maine Traditions carries traditional hardwood flooring as well as unique pre-finished flooring choices produced by Kennebec Lumber Company. Their flooring products, integral to Maine tradition, are crafted from lumber sourced from northern Maine trees.

Maine Traditions® offers PreFinished, Engineered, and Unfinished Flooring.
  • PreFinished hardwood offers a variety of handsome stains and finishes, lots of width options, and the traditional look of random-length boards. Once installed you can walk on it immediately as the stain and finish are applied in the factory
  • Engineered hardwood floors provide the distinctive, desirable appearance of natural hardwood without the risk of bowing, cupping, or virtually any other sort of dimensional distortion.
  • Unfinished Flooring remains a popular option, especially for new construction. It offers limitless opportunities for custom stains and finishes. Interior designers appreciate color flexibility as a means to complement their vision.

Featuring: prefinished pro series red oak flooring from Maine Traditions

Red oak is a solid choice. You’ll install a distinctive floor because Pro Series Red Oak uses a premium blend of top-grade red oak finished with 6 protective coats of Nano Plus UV cured polyurethane that enhances the wood's natural color and accentuates its beautiful grain. You’re insured easy installation with our incomparably milled close tolerances. The patented TEMAVI profile allows boards to slip together easily, yet virtually locks them into place upon installation. And a 15 Year Residential Warranty gives everyone confidence.

Prefinished pro series red oak flooring from Maine Traditions features:
  • A hard waterborne polyurethane finish ready for immediate use
  • The exclusive and patented TEMAVI profile for easy installation
  • A 15-year Residential Warranty
  • All flooring is sustainably harvested and manufactured right here in Maine

Featuring: prefinished rustic birch by Maine Traditions

Do you love wood with lots of character? Then, the Rustic grade of Birch by Maine Traditions is a great choice. The Rustic grade features color variation, knots, and mineral streaks offering more focal points for the light to play and the eye and mind to take in. It makes for a stunning floor.

Dickel Flooring has been a long time provider of Maine Traditions pre-engineered hardwood floors. Maine Traditions sources its hardwood from the cool Northwoods of Maine and produces flooring at their manufacturing facility in Solon. When you buy Maine Traditions flooring your buying local. And, we all know that’s good for Maine’s economy.

Prefinished rustic grade birch from Maine Traditions:
  • Choose from Rustic grade 3 ¼” Red Birch and Rustic grade 4” Yellow Birch
  • Offers a hard waterborne polyurethane finish ready for immediate use
  • Is easy to install with our exclusive and patented TEMAVI profile
  • Is durable with a 15-year Residential Warranty to back up our promise
  • Is sustainably harvested and manufactured right here in Maine

Featuring: the Katahdin Collection of engineered floors

The Katahdin Collection of Engineered Floors are the perfect solution for concrete slabs, basements and below-grade settings. It’s easily installed on plywood and OSB subfloors too! You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful finishes or just go natural. In either case, Maine Traditions clear Nano PLUS™ high-tech UV finish will protect the wood.

The Katahdin Collection of engineered floors:
  • Are offered in Premium Grade for clean perfection
  • Are also offered in Coastal Grade for rich character
  • Are always protected with NanoPLUS™ UV finish
  • Are Hypoallergenic and easy to maintain
  • Have a 50 Year Residential Warranty
  • Are made right here in Maine

Featuring: Maine Traditions prefinished antique cherry

Are you looking for a rich, sophisticated floor whose depth of color actually improves with age? Then, may we recommend Maine Traditions Antique American Cherry. Maine Traditions offers their proprietary and beautiful “Antique Grade”. It features some mineral streaks, occasional small knots, and varying color for a beautiful, warm floor.

Maine Traditions prefinished antique cherry:
  • Is manufactured right here in Maine
  • Is finished with easy to maintain NanoPlus UV protection
  • Installs easily with the patented TEMAVI tongue & groove system
  • Provides years of quiet, trouble-free enjoyment
  • Available in 3 ¼”, 4” and 5” widths