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Johnson Hardwood in Winterport, ME from Dickel Flooring

Featuring: Johnson Hardwood Flooring’s Reservoir Series: waterproof wood flooring

One of the premiere manufacturers of premium hardwood flooring, Johnson Hardwood has popular, contemporary flooring options sourced from many durable hardwood species from around the world. Their wide selection of floors are defined by their unique graining, nonrepetitive patterns, and eye-catching coloration. Johnson Hardwood floors are carefully crafted and are renowned for their affordability and superior quality.
Johnson Hardwood Flooring’s Reservoir Series of waterproof floors offers resistance to moisture, pet stains, and routine water spills. We live in a region known for its extreme humidity fluctuations. It’s why we recommend Johnson Hardwood engineered flooring. It’s perfect for basements, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.
Johnson Hardwoods sources wood species with grain patterns that our flooring customers want. The harvested wood is cut into planks - hand stained to ensure even coloring and reveal the wood’s natural color variation. Each plank’s hardwood wear layer is a wood veneer with open grains and no repetition in patterns. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  • 72-hour topical moisture warranty
  • Perfect for basements, mudrooms and laundry rooms
  • Beautiful grains and color variations
  • No repetition of patterns found in most manufacture floors
Come on in and get one of the best values in engineered flooring - Johnson Hardwood Floors Reservoir Series - the look of wood without the worries.