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Need to know what kind of flooring will work best for you? Look no further, Dickel Flooring can customize your needs! We are experienced craftsmen that have worked with all types of flooring, in all types of residential and commercial properties.
The following scale rates the relative hardness of wood, the higher the number, the harder the wood. Below are listed some of the most popular choices of wood flooring.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the best type of floor for pet owners?
Answer: There is no hard and fast answer for this question. However there are several things you should consider: Scratch resistance, sound absorption, and clean-ability as well as traction for your four legged friends. Vinyl and bamboo make great options. Many species of hardwood also suitable and can be re-finished down the road.

What is the best flooring for a home near a water source?
Answer: With any home near a water source, whether it be a pond, lake, river or the ocean, moisture will be an important factor in choosing your flooring. Moisture and wood are not a good mix, so you may want to consider other options like porcelain and ceramic tiles. Vinyl flooring is also a fantastic option that can give you the look of wood or stone without the moisture issues. Engineered wood flooring and Bamboo are also considerations.

What is the best type of flooring for high traffic areas?
Answer: To answer this question you first need to determine the type of traffic the space will be handling. Many hardwood species are very durable, especially combined with today's strong pre-finished products using aluminum oxide. Bamboo, thanks to its unique composition, is even stronger than the hardest of hardwoods and extremely durable. If the high traffic area is an entry area that will get moisture and mud, ceramic tile and vinyl are great options. Many tile & vinyl products offer stone and wood looks so durability and the desired look are easily achievable.

What is the best floor type for my finished basement?
Answer: Due to the risk of water vapor damage and flooding, anything below ground (often referred to as "below grade") is not a good place for solid hardwood flooring. But if you desire wood there is no need to worry, engineered wood flooring can be the answer. You may also want to consider vinyl and wood grain tile products that will work well in this environment. Tile and vinyl are also available in a wide array of looks, patterns and colors giving you a nearly endless selection of design options.

Do you offer "green" and/or sustainable products?
Answer: Yes. We offer many "green" flooring products. Our bamboo products are sustainable due it's fast regeneration and healthy harvesting. Bamboo is biodegradable, recyclable, a LEED recognized material and generates 35% more oxygen than an equivalent planting of trees. Our Maine Traditions line is locally, sustainably sourced with 100% recovery of all raw materials and both FSC and LEED certified. At Dickel Flooring, we are committed care about Mother Earth and are committed to sustainable, environmentally responsible business practices.

Do you sell just flooring?
Answer: In addition to flooring, we also offer many types of flooring supplies including cleaners, floor treatments, adhesives, fasteners, underlayments, and more.

Questions we frequently ask our customers:

What are the dimensions of the room?
Knowing your room dimensions will expedite the process and quickly give you a better idea of cost, timing, and design considerations.

Are there a lot of windows and/or natural light that enters the room?
This question speaks to the tones on flooring that would best work for that particular room. We offer products that can offer UV protection.

What kind of traffic does the space normally see, and do you have pets?
Letting us know the normal day to day living conditions of your space allows us to better understand your situation and find the appropriate flooring product for you.

Are there any concerns for moisture?
Letting us know if the space is near a water source or if it is below ground (below grade) will help us guide you to the most suitable flooring product.