Good question. The new luxury vinyl tile or LVTs are some of the most durable floor choices on the market today. You know I love telling stories, right?  Here is a quick one that pertains to this very topic.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are Durable

We were doing a large commercial job and I over-ordered some LVT, which I ended up buying from the manufacturer. This pattern looked very much like cherry. I figured, I’d install it on an outside screen porch, thinking that if it didn’t last I could just take it up and replace it.

Here’s the thing, even after three seasons of exposure to rain and snow the LVT on the outside screened porch still looks great! Ok, so this isn’t what the manufacturer would recommended, but hey, I’m a floor guy. I can always change it.

My point is this stuff is tough. So, if you have a boat load of kids and six dogs Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT is a great alternative to wood. It looks like wood. It never needs waxing. All you have to do is sweep it or mop up the mess. Then, wait for the next wave of kids and dogs to come through and start over. It’s a great solution.