Understanding the types of wood flooring to which you have access can change the direction in which you take your remodel. So today, we are going to talk a bit more about your options and how they can cater to your requirements for the best possible experience.

Solid hardwood flooring and more

Solid hardwood flooring is by far the most popular product in this product line, primarily due to its outstanding lifespan, which can average more than 100 years with ease. That means, with proper care, you'll never have to replace your flooring as long as you own your home.

Engineered wood is another option in this line, offering a veneer of natural wood on top of plywood layers laid perpendicularly to one another for outstanding stability and performance. These are a perfect choice for basements when solid wood is not an option.

You’ll also have the choice to pick either finished or unfinished materials. Finished wood gives you a much faster installation, while unfinished materials give you a more extensive stain color palette from which to choose.

To find out about other types of hardwood and the options and benefits that go along with them, be sure to visit us. We’ll be standing by, ready to help.

We cater to your wood flooring needs

As a reputable hardwood flooring company, Dickel Floor Corp offers all the materials, services, and assistance you need when it comes time to choose the best new flooring. Our associates are experienced in all the materials we carry and know just how to match you with the perfect options.

From our showroom in Winterport, ME, we proudly serve the areas of Bangor, Brewer, Bar Harbor, and Camden, and we hope you’ll visit us soon for all your floor covering requirements. We work hard to bring you options you’ll love, so drop by to find the best wood flooring for your home.