Have you ever tried to pick out a color stain only to find that it’s just not the right color? Did you know you can mix colors? Yep, you don’t need to take it out of the can.

Mix Colors to Achieve the Color You Want

There are basically four colors to work with: yellow, orange, red and brown. Let’s start with a light color like yellow for your base. Maybe it needs just a little brown, but the next nearest color is too brown. We’ll start by adding a brown color like Dark Walnut to a yellow color like Puritan Pine. You will get a lighter version of special walnut.

Stain Colors Out of the Can

The colors that come straight out of the can are just mixed versions of the four major colors. For example, cherry is a mix of yellow and red. If this manufactured version is too dark for your taste just lighten it by adding some Golden Oak, or Puritan Pine. You could also add Natural which is just clear.

On the darker side of the spectrum you’ll find Jacobean stain. Jacobean uses a mix of Dark Walnut, Golden Oak and Red Mahogany, which is a mix of brown, yellow and red.

Custom Stain Colors

Let’s take it one step further. You like the Jacobean stain but you find it’s too dark for your application.  Just add some Natural to the Jacobean stain and it will lighten up. Remember to keep track of your formula or you will never get the exact color again.

Happy Staining!