Renowned for their elegant appearance and charming warmth, hardwood flooring provides homeowners with the impression of polished elegance. At the same time, you're also assured durability and ease of upkeep. But once you've finally decided on a solid hardwood flooring installation, you now need to make another important decision: do you opt for light or dark wood?
To answer this question – and simplify your choice – let's go over the primary differences between the two options.

Light Hardwood Floors

Lighter slats are known for their naturally bright, modern appearance. When properly installed, it can open up a room, offering a fresh feeling of spaciousness. By enhancing the use of natural lighting, light colors highlight your signature pieces, making them shine front-row-center. A lovely, light-colored polished floor also hides scuff marks and dirt very well, which comes in handy in busy households with pets and kids. As well, contrasts nicely with patterned wallpaper, lavishing your décor with a brilliance that's sure to make anyone smile!

Dark Hardwood Floors

Although lighter tones are indeed popular, darker tones, in contrast, are equally in demand. Quickly, their rustic sheen and classic polish will enhance your home's value. Darker slats reflect light instead of absorbing it, and thus your installation will last longer, with less risk of sun-damaged. Darker tones enhance the natural grain of the wood, offering a stunning appearance that's favored. Currently, as one of the most popular options for home renovations, you'll likely get many offers if you're redoing it for sale.

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