It’s true! Careful refinishing can extend the lifespan of an average hardwood floor to about 200 years. It also can extend the life of engineered floors.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors is About Sanding

When your hardwood floor was installed it needed several sanding passes to remove the irregularities and make the floor smooth and flat. The sander only removes about a 1/16” of an inch from what starts out as a ¾” thick hardwood floor. If, sanded correctly your hardwood floor can be sanded 4-8 times over the course of its 200 year life.

Of course this isn’t every floor. Pet damage, water or general neglect will shorten the life of your hardwood floor.

Engineered Floors Can Be Refinished

Even engineered floors have a wear layer. They range from 1/16” - ¼”  thick. The better brands of wood have a thicker layer giving them a life span of up to 100 years. My advice is to buy an engineered wood floor with a ¼” wear layer. This will give you a better return on your investment.

Keep your refinishing options in mind when buying hardwood flooring or an engineered wood floor. And, of course, be sure the floor fits your lifestyle needs. Hope this helps.