If you read my last floor fact on, How to Prepare Your Floors for Stain, then you are ready for stain.

Stain Color

First, you need to decide which color stain you want. It’s a good idea to look around your home and see if there’s something you want to match, like a cabinet door, or a piece of furniture to create continuity within the room. If you can’t find what you like then head over to your local floor supply store, and look at there stain samples. Once you are armed with the color you want, you’ll need to find out how much you will need. Your supply professional can tell you how much you will need for the type of stain you want.

Stain Selection

I would recommend DuraSeal stain. The coverage is around 400 sq/ft per gallon. You will also need: a stain applicator, small stain brush, an empty 5 gallon, and 1 gallon pail; and of course lots of rags (old towels are the best).

The Staining Process

The starting point should be the furthest corner from the door. After you have mixed your stain and poured it in the 5 gallon pail, (this is for your floor applicator), pour a little in your 1 gallon pail, (this is for your brush). When applying, it is very important that you always go with the grain. If you have to stop, never stop against the grain, it will leave a dry line. Be sure to always keep a wet edge.

Application Process

Start by applying your stain around the border first with your brush. Then fill in the middle of the floor with your applicator. It’s best with two people. After about 5-10 minutes you can start wiping off the excess stain with the rags. Again going with the grain. Don’t over wipe, (if you do it will come out blotchy) just wipe enough to get the excess stain up.

Once the excess has been wiped off, let it dry at least 24 hours (or the time recommended by the manufacturer.) Be very careful with the used rags, they are combustible! Follow the manufacturer recommendations on disposal of the used rags.

Once your floor stain is dry, you are ready to move onto your next step. Thanks!

~ Floorman