Refinishing Your Floors - Yourself

So you want to refinish your wood floors, but have no idea where to start? Well ask yourself, is this something I want to tackle on my own? Or, do I think I want to hire a professional? Both are good questions. First off, think: How hard can this be? On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this at a 7 in difficulty.

The Right Equipment and “Know How” 

Let’s say you decide to do-it-yourself, because maybe you’re experienced in working with wood and using your hands. If that’s the case, then this is a great project for you! You will need to contact your local rental center who specializes in renting floor refinishing equipment, because a general rental store may or may not have the advice your looking for. Here at Dickel Floor Supply, we make sure that when a customer leaves they have an idea of what it takes to get professional results.

The Right Technique for Your Floors

You will need to decide if your wood floor needs to be taken down to bare wood, or if it just needs a sprucing up. Let’s start with taking it to bare wood. This is a little harder then the other option, but is very rewarding.

The Steps to Sanding Down your Floor

Here are some tools you will need: A large belt sander, affectionately called by professionals “The Big Machine”, this will sand the largest part of the floor. Then you will need an edger - to get around the edges of the room. Followed by a small hard scraper and file to get the corners. Now you're ready to begin sanding.

Look for Floor Fact #8 on sandpaper choices and grit difference. Thanks!

~ Floorman