Hardwood Floors Last 200 Years

Yep, the lifetime of your home! Taken care of properly, your floors can last even longer. Recoating should be done on an as-needed basis.

Wear, Tear & Lifestyle

When someone asks me, "How long will my floors last?" I find that a challenging question because every house is different, as are the ways we live in our homes. For instance, if you have a dirt driveway and you wear your shoes in your house, you can very easily bring that abrasive sand, gravel, and dirt inside your home. Whereas, if you have black top in your driveway and you take your shoes off at the door, your floors can last a whole lot longer.

Second Story Flooring

In two-story homes, the second floor of your house is exposed to what I like to call sock traffic. By the time you go upstairs to bed or to retire for the night, your shoes are already off. The second story floor always outlasts the main floor.

Protecting Your Floor's Surface

Putting floor felt pads under everything that moves in your home is another way to keep from scratching your floors. When grit gets under a chair leg, it acts like sandpaper. This reminds me of a job I did a while ago, the customer had a small daycare. Right outside the sliding door was a sandbox. I never gave it any thought, until I saw the kids going in and out with sand on their feet - yep, little sanders.

My advice to keep your floors lasting its rightful lifetime; kick your shoes off, keep your floors clean, and be mindful of the grit. Thanks!

~ Floorman