The Old Ways to Protect Your Floors

That’s never, never, never! Some of us are old enough to remember either ourselves, or grandparents waxing hardwood floors. Yes, this was standard practice (in the old days). Yesterday’s varnished floors required waxing to protect them.

When Wax and Varnish bonded

You see paste wax would bond with the varnish to give it a nice shine, but more importantly it would protect it from water. The wax would actually bond with the varnish. Once it wore out it would need to be rewaxed. If it were let go too long, the varnish would start to wear out.

The New Ways to Protect Your Floors

The new polyurethane products are basically liquid plastic. Although they look like varnish, they're not even close to being the same. A polyurethane floor never needs waxing, as a matter of fact, if you do wax polyurethane the long term effect is it will try to bond with it; like it does with varnish and it will start to eat through the polyurethane, and will cause your floor to fail and wear out prematurely.

Look for Floor Fact #24 on the best way to clean your new or refinished wood floors. Thanks!

~ Floorman