Eco-friendly Flooring Product?  - You Bet

Yep, it’s actually grass. Bamboo can grow one foot in a day, that’s what makes it so wonderful. We can take this grass that’s so plentiful and before we can harvest it, make a floor, and install it - it has already grown back. This renewable, and sustainable resource regenerates in six months!

Bamboo Covers A Lot of Turf

There are quite a few different types of flooring they are producing from bamboo. There is Horizontal-grain which is my favorite - it shows more of the grain of the bamboo.Then there’s Vertical-grain which is glued together on end, it’s a little harder because it’s end grain.

The newest addition, is Strand woven (some refer to as Strain woven) - basically they peel it until it’s nothing but strands of bamboo. Then they mix it with a polymer so the mixture runs all the way through it.

Durable and Strong - Nailed It

It’s so hard. The first time I installed it I was using the flooring to make stairs (they hadn’t made treads yet), I was nailing and gluing the stair nosing. I decided to use a Brad nailer because I didn’t want big holes from a finish gun. Besides, my father told me nails only hold until the glue dries. Anyway I nailed it, and the nail bounced right off of it - I guess you could say I was bamboozled - Holy cow that’s hard.

If You Like the Look of Bamboo - We Have Flooring For You

It may not be my first choice, but we have many happy clients with this Green Flooring. It has a nice look to it, kinda country. Thanks!

~ Floorman