If you look down at a floor installed in the 1960’s you may have noticed the boards of the floor appear to be longer.  In fact, they are. Earlier floors had boards up to 10 feet long as compared to today’s 8 foot long floor boards.

Why are Floor Lengths Shorter Today?

Well the "short" answer is TRUCKING!

A tractor trailer is only 8 feet wide. So to save on trucking and time spent loading and unloading, hardwood flooring boards were cut to eight foot lengths, which fit comfortably onto a tractor trailer.  

We Can Help You Find Longer and Wider Fir, White Pine and Hardwood Boards

We’ve had dozens of customers ask us about how to get longer floor boards.  So, we went to work and sourced companies that can produce lengths in some species up to 16 feet long. For example, we had a customer who wanted vertical grain fir boards in lengths up to 16 feet. We got it for them and you should see the room. It’s beautiful!

Some of our customers were looking for longer hardwood boards. So, we found another supplier who could cut boards for some selected hardwood species up to 12 feet long.

Then, we had some customers approach us about wider boards.  So, we hunted down some companies that produce white pine boards up to 18 inches wide.  We found another company that produced hardwood boards up to 12 inches wide.

Don't Settle

So, if you want longer or wider boards, don’t settle. We can source them for you. The trucking costs are bit more, but you’ll get what you want. Just ask a professional floor installer or call us at Dickel Floor Supply. We know the flooring business and you can be assured we’ll find the right flooring solution for you.

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