I often get asked if prefinished wood floors can be refinished. It’s a great question. However the answer is not cut and dried. There are a lot of different products out there.

Most Prefinished Floors are Finished with a Product Made From Abrasives

The most common prefinished wood floor is ¾” thick. These floors have a thick wood layer and their finish is made from the same thing as sandpaper. Can they be finished? YES! However expect to pay more for this service because the finish is very difficult to remove.

How We Refinish PreFinished Wood Floors

Special sandpaper must be used. All prefinished floors have what is referred to as a micro bevel. This is a slight bevel that hides the unevenness in the boards. The smaller the micro bevel the better the milling. One company with a beautiful-milling process is Maine Traditions. Their micro bevel is very small. Visit our showroom and you can see for yourself. After your floor is refinished once, the micro bevel is most likely sanded away. At that point your floor looks just like a site finished floor

Consider a Recoat First

Before you make the decision to refinish a prefinished floor consider a recoat. If you take care of your floors and have them recoated as needed, you shouldn’t have to do a total refinishing for at least 25 years. This is only a rule of thumb as every house is different.

Be Sure to Ask

Some engineered wood floors have a paper thin layer of wood. Unfortunately, these cannot be refinished. When choosing an engineered wood floor talk with your retailer about whether or not the floor you are considering can be refinished. Now, you’ll have all the information you need to plan on recoating, refinishing or just taking good care of your prefinished engineered wood floor.